Graduate attributes in programme descriptors

Guidance and examples on including Graduate Attributes in programme descriptors.

What is required and why

Every degree programme is required to describe the graduate attributes students will develop as a result of completing the degree.  When done well, this information helps students understand:

  • what attributes are required in order to do well in the degree and to what level; and
  • how taking the degree will support their broader development in terms of both skills and mindsets, complementing the subject knowledge gained.


Where this information is captured and available

This information is captured in the Degree Programme Specifications (DPS), and is available in the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS), via the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Finders and elsewhere.


Undergraduate Degree Finder

Postgraduate Degree Finder


How to write the graduate attributes for your degree programme, including examples

The graduate attributes in Degree Programme Specifications (DPS) do not need to be complicated, but they do need to be clear, specific and meaningful.  The guidance below will help you identify and describe the graduate attributes for your degree programme.


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